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Hi. Uhm. Been a while since the last proper journal, huh. Yeah, life's still kinda busy, what with me disappearing to Netherlands last fall and now getting used to the normal life again back in Finland. And while I'm busy, I sorta don't feel there's much to write about really, or anything interesting enough for people to read.

But. I was here with an actual topic, which the title already mentions. Since I'm not premium, oh sorry core, and I probably never will be since I don't feel the need for the bonuses it offers, that also means I don't have access to those nifty polls. Which might actually be a good thing, I'm pretty sure I would overuse the heck out of them with stupid and useless stuff. Anyway, I may not have those, but I decided to compose a questionnaire in Google Form, and I would very much appreciate if you folks would take a look and jot down your opinions. It's pretty short, and concentrates on what you'd maybe like to see more or less from me as well as getting a bit further into those commissions I've been mentioning a couple of times. Just sorta prodding to see if there would even be interest for that sorta stuff. I think I've also figured out what kind of commissions I would open first, which are listed below. There is still also the matter of time and how I use it, but I think it'd do me good to get something actual to work on during evenings and sundays instead of just watching youtube or playing Hearthstone :'D I've also been a bit lost with where to go with my own art as a hobby, so I guess I'm asking for an opinion about that as well.

With that introduction and without further ado, here's the form:

Like I said, it shouldn't take long, and I would truly appreciate every single response it receives :'>

Regarding possible prices and what I would offer, I want to start things simple so I thought I'd offer digital portraits in three sizes, headshot/bust, waist/mid thigh and full body, like these, with the respective prices:

that scared boy by JiiBee Riska by JiiBee headshot (10 €)
-cd- Miss Satinka -trade- by JiiBee halfbody (15 €)
Faurgor by JiiBee -SS- Pretty Much Invincible by JiiBee fullbody (20 €)
Characters © their owners

All would have a simple texture or gradient background, and at this point at least there won't be an option to pay with points. At some point I've been thinking I could start offering slightly cheaper sketch commissions with the same size options, but I'll get started with these and see how I manage first. This also because of these I actually have examples at the ready right now, and I enjoy working on images like these. I would prefer to draw fictional characters but I can do real life people and animals as well, if you don't mind stylization, and I think I would only do original characters and not fanart because of the shifty copyright laws. Perhaps pokemon or clear oc's of an existing universe might work. Drawing multiple characters on one picture might be an option, I haven't really managed to give that much thought yet, but it's not impossible.

I guess that's pretty much it. Please check out that form, if you have anything to ask or want to give an opinion on what you just read here, feel free to drop a comment on this journal or you can write it anonymously on the form, I'll add all enquiries asked here. Any sort of response would be highly appreciated :> <3

See you next time~

JiiBee, over and out

P.S. Oh right, a bit off the topic, but this is still a thing  A to ZIt's summer and school's for two months, I was too slow and didn't manage to get a summer job, and I need something to do with myself. There is a cosplay project, but I have no motivation whatsoever to do that. I am also a bit stuck with my art, and I figured this thing could help me recover for that, or at least give me something to do.
So what's "this thing"? This thing is where I draw one character from any game, anime/cartoon, manga/comic or any other franchise suggested by You to correspond each letter of the alphabet from A to Z. It can be a human, an animal, a fantasy creature, an alien, anything, but no oc's or web-comics please. I also won't necessarily pick the one that suggested at most, but the one I myself find the most interesting.
So please. Suggestions for B. Anything. Please?
Guys. This is your big chance to see something else than pokemon or Armonia-stuff from me for a change. Something completely different. Unless you like

I've done A, like, almost two years ago, so it'd be nice to get that thing rolling :'D
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