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2012 in art -summary- by JiiBee 2012 in art -summary- by JiiBee
Avoided going to sleep, so I did this. Also I actually wanted to do this summary meme for the year 2011, but I didn't have enough art back then. This year I've been a bit more productive, so here~ I also really liked this wheel version ~yorunaka made, too c:

Short explanations, because I can. Overall, I have no idea if there was any progression in my art this last year. It doesn't show much, but I wanted to start trying to change my style a bit, I'm not perfectly happy with it and I want to turn it into a bit more cartoony and stylized direction, but that's still work in progress. Slow progress. The beginning of the year was probably even a bit better, later on I just got lazy, also sometime during the fall I caught on the habit to start doodling something and never finish it.

A bit of game art, as I tried Journey, finished Mass Effect 3, PMD Explorers of Time and also Ace Attorney: Apollo Justice (not featured here), all of which brought forth great feels. Also on July I joined the rp group Armonia, which has greatly dominated my art during the later half of the year. Also quite a bit photography happened, but I wanted to keep this oriented in drawn art. Mainly digital, but with some traditional art to spice it up.

January: Character © Hidekaz Himaruya
Original [link]

February: Characters © :iconscythedancer:
Original [link]
Didn't know how to draw trees at all, I've learned something this past year o/

March: Characters © thatgamecompany
Original [link]
Vent art, not my bestest month.

April: Character © Hidekaz Himaruya
Original [link]
One of my personal favorites from this year

May: Character © BioWare
Original [link]
Personal favorite of traditional arts from this year

June: Character © BioWare
Original [link]
Yoinked from my scraps but it's okay I guess and better than an empty slot imo. Also Wrex kicks bottom.

July: Pkmn © Nintendo, characters © me
Original [link]
Welp, here we go with the Armonia stuff.

August: Pkmn © Nintendo
Original [link]
Something that didn't turn out quite the way I wanted to but still better than I ever hoped for. Though I still don't like drawing rocks.

September: Character © me
Original [link]
Not all that great art-wise but the first legit animation I've ever done, and the style is something I personally like.

October: Character © :iconlicoricebunny: Pkmn © Nintendo
Original [link]

November: Finn & lines © :iconluunan:, pkmn © Nintendo, R.T. © me
Original [link]
Not even entirely mine, but I like the coloring and shading in this.

December: © me
Original [link]
The last but not the least, something very rare from me, an acrylic painting. I'm not much of a painter, so I do like how this came out. I've found I enjoy acrylics, I'm interested in doing more with them, but for now all I can do is what we do in school.

This was my 2012 in art, I have something on the works, but I dunno if I get to finish it during the vacation and this year. We'll see what the 2013 brings, that is, if we survive the apocalypse… today : D

Meme [link] © :iconyorunaka:
Art © :iconjiibee:, specified credits (i.e. characters) mentioned earlier
yorunaka Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It's pretty good to see your'e experimenting with various styles and media. I think that's the reason why you feel as if the change isn't apparent - because everything is different.
JiiBee Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Yeah, this year has been quite a lot about experimenting, and I have yet to find the thing or style I want to stick with. There's still time though, I at least hope it'll get to me in due time :>
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