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-pkmna- Cat Meme by JiiBee -pkmna- Cat Meme by JiiBee
Been wanting to fill this for a while, but both inspiration and motivation just keep eluding me. But, here it is.

Never been that good at drawing cats really, been more of a dog person drawing-wise since, well, always. I'm rather glad how this turned out though~ I also considered yoinking Jaded-Snow's idea and making R.T. a sphinx since, well, a balloon, not much fur in there, but ended up ditching the idea cuz I just needed to draw him as fluffy kitten |D It's fun to draw R.T. as something else than a balloon and try to keep him look like himself in the process : D He does have a tail tho' it just isn't visible.
Yeap, he plays with a broken balloon.

Half expect more memes cuz I'm slowly getting paranoid about my group activity in Armonia and the only thing I can really think of is memes cuz I'm such an antisocial loser OTL I try to draw something else too every now and then to my other watchers, feel free to tell me when you get too much of this kid |''D

Shamelessly used reference [link] cuz yeah wanky kitty poses, also shows why he doesn't have a tail.
Blank meme [link] :iconquincysorcerymon13:
R.T. & drawing :iconjiibee:

Kinda warming up to St.ash. It's still scary, but it's handy to put pics into multiple gallery foalders.

Edit// OH haha seems like this was my 400th deviation damn if I'd known sooner I could've made something a bit more special than a sketchy meme (though I probably would've end up procrastinating and forgetting about it anyways |'D)
Skaia200 Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2012
WAAHHH!!! Its so cute!!!
JiiBee Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks~ For the fav too~ c:
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