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-pkmna- In a few years by JiiBee -pkmna- In a few years by JiiBee
Buu, wanted to do something for the bg, but didn't know what so there :U

So yah, R.T. as he'd be when he's a bit older, say 16 or 17 or something. This became when I was doing initial character sketches of what to paint at school (like in here [link]), I contemplated on painting R.T. but accidentally sketched his head more oval instead of the usual round shape, and then I just improvised. And then on friday we did nothing at school, so I digitally redid the sketch and got to work. I finished it last night, except for some minor fixes just a while ago. So overall, body/headshaped has changed, no more bug-eyes, more refined hairstyle, still the bracelets and much more calm in nature. Still adventurous and curious and painfully naive, has good manners and is easy to discuss with. But that's all in the future, no guarantee's I'll even ever get there |D

Guys. I think I'm evolving. And I don't know if that's a good thing ): I used way too much time on the hair and the shading than what they should've taken, seeing how simple they are. I've been practicing digital painting so much lately that I don't know how to work with a lineart anymore D: Or do a simple cell-shading. And yet, I'm not good enough working lineless or doing anything actually painterly. Damn, now I know how it feels like to be an awkward teen in the middle of a growth-spell and voice break and all that. It's not fun :< I guess it means that something's happening, and I'm slowly progressing, but dammit it frustrates me when things that used to be simple and fun now make me wanna scrap my works. I actually used to like drawing hair ;__; I tried something like three times, I tried my usual method, I tried something new, I tried cartoonish simple, but then I just flipped a figurative table, used the premade brushes and was done with it :iconimsotiredplz: I'm not saying the pic looks bad, I think it's okay in fact, I'm just frustrated with my current skill level. And I like the eyes here.

Enough of that. Back to procrastination before the walk.

Pkmn Nintendo
R.T. & pic :iconjiibee:
For :iconpkmn-armonia:

On another note, any Armonian want to rp? It's slowly becoming painfully obvious what a loner my boy's become, I mean come on I've been in the group since June, and R.T. currently knows two people, three if pics count, four overall, tough that fourth left the group. So two people. And he's supposed to be an overactive kid who's too stupid and pampered to be shy or afraid :I Well, the fact that he's the youngest in the middle of all the teenagers probably has something to do with it, but mostly I know it's of my own incompetence, being socially awkward even over the internet orz So yeah. Rp would be fun.
Skaia200 Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2013
Aw, so adorable!
JiiBee Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks c:
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